Power Flushing from £275.00 NO VAT !

Power flushing by Pegasus Heating Ltd restores efficiency, prolongs the life of your heating system, maximizes the heat output of your radiators and reduces your energy costs.

Power Flush Cost (South Wales) from £275.00 (systems up to 7 radiators)  additional radiators  @ £20.00 

Do you have:
  • Cold radiators?                                                                              
  • Slow heating system?
  • banging noises from your boiler?                           
  • Black water in your radiators?
  • Constantly need to bleed your radiators?
  • Excessive energy costs?
Power flushing rectifies this!!!

Our qualified and experienced engineers will during a full days visit chemically clean your system using the best equipment on the market. We only use Kamco products because we believe they are far and above the best on the market  

On departure your system will not only be cleaned but it will be ph balanced and protected by a chemical inhibitor.

Call Pegasus Heating Ltd  07973 820854 to arrange an appointment. you'll be glad you did!

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